My Story

Hello, I’m Sandeep! Before dedicating my life to Indie Veggie I was a project manager – a different path to catering but I always knew that one day I’d run my own business and turn my focus to the creative world of vegetarian and vegan cooking. My recipes come from my roots where I grew up in Mombasa, Kenya. There, I was surrounded by amazing street food, such as ‘babu kachri bateta’ (a fusion of coconut, green mango, potato and casava crisps served in newspaper rippings from Old Town, Mombasa). This was an excellent treat on my route home from school. My authentic food influence comes from my mum Bharti, my sisters Mita and Rakhsha, and my sister-in-laws Alpa and Reena. Between us, we have more than 142 years of home cooking experience.

Meet the Family

Bharti, mum, cooking since 19, lives in Mombasa, Kenya

  • Mum enjoys cooking authentic traditional food. Her busiest time is Diwali. She says “you know its Diwali when there are lots of people and a ton of food”.
  • Diwali is the Hindu “festival of lights” when homes are decorated, gifts and sweets are exchanged and fireworks are lit in the evenings.
  • Favourite treats: traditional khichu, dhokla.
Family Photo
Family Photo

Mita, sister, cooking since 12, lives in Dar-es-Salam, Tanzania

  • Mita likes to experiment with flavours of the world. At the age of 12 she was needed to cook at home whilst mum visited Nairobi.
  • When Indie Veggie needs a new recipe, Mita is brilliant with ‘out of the box’ ideas and twists which make the recipes go from great to brilliant.
  • Favourite treats: masala dosa, sweetcorn in coconut and peanut curry and Mombasa favourite kachri bateta.

Rakhsha, sister, cooking since 12, lives in Leicester, UK

  • You’re never too young to take a Velan (an Indian rolling pin) and start rolling rotli for a family meal.
  • Gujrati rotli is different because it’s made from a fine mixture of brown and white wheat flour, skilfully rolled into shape and cooked on a cast iron roti tawa/lodhi which makes the rotli’s look like a hot air balloon. These are Rakhsha’s speciality.
  • Favourite treats: pani puri, Mombasa kachori and peanut ladoo.
Family Photo
Family Photo

Alpa, sister-in-law, cooking since 15, lives in Lisbon, Portugal

  • Alpa enjoys travelling. Her favourite highlight so far has been Mount Titlis in Switzerland where she was amazed by breath-taking views of glaciers. Now she’s ticked that location off her bucket list because Bollywood movie “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” was filmed there.
  • Favourite treats: moist khandvi, kachri bateta and vegetable sheek kebab.

Reena, sister-in-law, cooking since 18, lives in Nairobi, Kenya

  • Reena is a keen collector of semi-precious stones and Himalyan quartz. A spiritual person, young at heart and passionate about achieving enlightenment.
  • She opened Indian Khazanah in April 2013, an authentic Indian restaurant. Her motto is “spice is life” and her food is colourful, full of variety with plenty of herbs and spices.
  • Favourite treats: masala dosa, punjabi samosa chat and Indo-Chinese vegetable sizzler.