We’re looking to take over a kitchen in Gloucestershire!

Are you a business with a space for a kitchen or a café? Maybe you’re looking for someone else to run the café that’s already on your premises? Do you think there’s an opportunity for vegan/vegetarian food at the café? Are you a charity, social enterprise, community building, garden centre, gift shop, sports venue or social club? Well, Indie Veggie can set up a café or make use of an existing kitchen space anywhere in the Gloucestershire area and we can work to your existing vision.

The benefits of hosting Indie Veggie on your premises:

  • Receive regular rent for your kitchen
  • Make use of your existing space
  • Possible increase in footfall
  • Risk free win-win value for all
  • Gain additional reputation
  • Gives you back business time

How does hosting Indie Veggie on your premises work?

Step 1

  • We talk about whether Indie Veggie fits with your business
  • We survey your customer demographic
  • We decide if there is a good opportunity

Step 2

  • We agree on a level of service
  • We agree on the hours of trade
  • We agree on the look and feel

Step 3

  • We design a menu to be offered
  • We run a number of food taster sessions
  • We gather feedback from your customers

Step 4

  • We sign a contractual agreement together
  • We plan and deliver your new food offering
  • Your customers enjoy great tasting food